Friends and Travels

2020 Week 8:

This last week I didn’t end up doing any fishing but I wasn’t too upset. Between work and having two buddies in town I had a busy week. One of my best friends from high school, Kyle, was in town with a group of his buddies and somehow they ended up staying at the same apartment complex that my employee housing unit is in. I was able to spend a day on the slopes with him and a few afternoons hanging out. Great times! After Kyle headed out, my friend Ryan flew into Colorado and spent Saturday-Tuesday with me. Ryan was a fellow composite material engineering student and over the course of 4 years we had almost every single class together. He is an incredible brother in Christ and a guy who helped bring me back to Christ after falling away for a couple of years in college. It was great to have him in town and a blast to show him what Colorado is all about. Prior to coming out here, Ryan had never even seen a mountain.

I spent our first day together showing Ryan around Winter Park Resort. Being a lifelong hockey player, Ryan jumped right into skiing and even did a black diamond before the end of the day.

Ryans first black diamond attempt

On our second day together, Ryan and I started our day by joining my roommate Caleb for a morning snowshoeing tour.

After snowshoeing for a couple of hours and grabbing a burger at Wendy’s, Caleb, Ryan and I hit the road. I wanted to show these guys a few of my favorite spots in Colorado. The day didn’t disappoint. A few highlights included seeing too many mule deer to count, watching a small herd of elk cross a frozen river, driving through wildly scenic canyons, and viewing a number of bald and golden eagles soaring in the Colorado sky. It was awesome!

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