Fishy Friends | 3/10/2019

On Sunday I had the pleasure to spend the afternoon fishing with my friends AJ and Andrew. These are two guys that I have met through Red Rocks Church in Denver and found that we each have a passion for fishing. AJ had to work Sunday morning so Andrew and I attended the early 9 am service, picked up a few $.69 Del Taco taco’s, then hit the road to meet up with AJ in the mountains.

We started out throwing generic winter nymph rigs without a whole lot of success and quickly threw on small streamers. It wasn’t long before we had fish chasing the streamers when we casted them across the creek and swung through deeper holes or when we high sticked and jigged them in deep/calm pocket water.

Once we figured out the right way to fish for the day we managed to land a number of brown, brook, and a couple cutthroat trout.

One fish in particular caught our attention. Besides the beautiful splattering of red spots on him, we noticed that this fish had the tail of another brown trout sticking out of its mouth. Even with a mouth full of protein this guy was still hungry for a small streamer!

While Andrew and I were busy fishing AJ played around in the snow. Being from Florida, this was his first winter with a lot of snow and we couldn’t keep him out of it.

With light fading and AJ getting cold from falling through an ice shelf we hiked back to the car and hit the road to warm up and get some food. I am glad that I was able to get out on the water and in the snow with these brothers in Christ!

Photo Recap

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