Chasin’ Tail

2020 Weeks 14-19: Warm water

April 3 – May 10: Warm water

As the area ponds, lakes, and warm water rivers have began to open up and become fishable, I went after all sorts of species of fish on the fly. This spring I ran into sunfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, and musky.

This entry is part of a two part post, this part highlighting warm water fishing done between 4/3-5/10. You can find the other part of this post here:

April 8

Hit the ole Miss with my buddies Norm and Tyler. We found pike cruising the edges of the shore and caught them on various flies such as clousers and Bufords.

April 11

My dad and I checked out a few local fisheries. We didn’t too all that great but it was fun to get out with my dad.

April 26

After trout fishing in the morning I hit the road and checked out a new spot along the Mississippi. I was happy to find a bunch of pike hanging out in there. Snapped off on a very big swamp gator and caught some smaller fish. Later on in the day I fished a few spots around Winona and caught another pike and some LMB. Also saw a massive dogfish in a drainage ditch but couldn’t get it to eat.

April 27

Met up with David and Norm for some warm water fishing. We fished out of Davy’s boat for a while and found some good pike and a stout smallie then we hit a smaller body of water by foot. We found a couple smaller pike in there and a crap load of largemouth. I probably caught 40-50 5-10″ LMB. One fish was 16″ though! They were crushing a white/orange clouser minnow.

May 2

Fished with my college roommates Tyler and Austin around our old college town of Winona. We caught a couple small pike and a LMB before we left town to do some trout fishing.

May 6

I took my college buddy Sam out fly fishing for his first time around Winona and showed him some of the awesome fishing that the area has. We found some LMB and he caught a pike.

May 8

Musky fishing is something that I haven’t done a whole lot of yet but I already know that it is something that I will be doing a whole lot more of. We floated a sweet stretch of river and stuck 3 musky between the 3 of us. I also stuck an 18″ smallie, one of the biggest small jaws I’ve ever caught. Fun day with Davy and Tyler.

May 9

My buddy Tyler and I did some urban fishing and found some great fish. Over the corse if the day I landed a pike, smallmouth, countless LMB, and a chunker sunny. Tyler did well at the last spot and caught a couple bass and a nice sunny.

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