2020 Week 6

Winter Park Resort got dumped on this week. 53″ of snow in 7 days. On the best snow day of the season I had the day off and instead of skiing/snowboarding I spent the day fishing some of the local waters. I caught a bunch of flak from my coworkers and roommates for this decision and they were probably right, I probably should have spent the day on the mountain. But I feel as though I am wired differently and because I hadn’t spent any time fishing in over a week I decided to find some solitude for the day in my favorite way possible. The fishing wasn’t amazing but it was worth it!

I got out early and spent the morning checking out a small local tailwater that I hadn’t fished before. It was a 2-3 hundred yard hike through powder up to my waist to get to the water… Needless to say the hike in and out took a lot longer than I had anticipated. Luckily a moose or an elk had walked through the meadow before I had and I was able to hike in its tracks. I fished/checked out a roughly quarter mile section of the creek and didn’t see a single fish. Beautiful area but it was discouraging to not see anything in there.

After hiking out from the tailwater I headed to the bigger river and found a few smaller browns in there. Around noon I got a text from work saying that they were providing an employee dinner that evening so I fished for another hour then headed back towards winter park. On the way back I stopped at another spot and got into a few brookies. It was a nice way to end the fishing part of the day before the employee dinner.

I may have skipped the best snow day of the season but there will be more powder days to be had this winter.

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