2020 Week 1

Well, it’s been a while. I’ll cut right to the chase. I started this blog to document my fishing and I plan to do that more consistently in 2020. New Years resolutions right!? Here goes nothing…

This past week I made it to the Fly Fishing Film Festival on Friday, checked out the Denver Fly Fishing Show on Sunday, and did a little fishing on the way back to Winter Park after the show.

IF4 2020. There was no seating left when we arrived so we had an interesting view for the show

The Film Festival showcased fly fishing trips from all over the world. It was really cool to watch and be a part of. I am glad that my friend Jess came with and that she was able to see some of the incredible places fly fishing can take you to. A couple of my favorite films were filmed in Canada and revolved around fishing for Bull Trout and Westslope Cutthroat, a couple of species of fish that I have enjoyed going after. It was worth the drive back and forth from Winter Park to Denver that night to attend!

I drove back to Denver on Sunday to hang out with David and Aaron from O’Pros and to check out the rest of the show. O’Pros had quite a successful weekend in Denver by completely selling out of the hundreds of 3rd Hand Rod Holders that they brought with them.

On the way back to Winter Park I made a pit stop to do a little fishing. The fish that I did find were pretty active despite most of the stream being completely frozen over. I landed the first few fish of the new year then finished the drive back to town.

As far as fishing goes, 2020 started off on a slow note. Prior to this year I had made it out fishing on the January 1st opener in Minnesota for the last 3 years and it had become something of a tradition for me. On 1/1/2020 I was definitely wishing that I was standing along a misty SE Minnesota spring creek, but I knew what I signed up for here at Winter Park and I had a fun time teaching kids how to ski. I look forward to what 2020 will bring. I have a number of awesome trips planned… Stay tuned.

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