Driftless Days | 4/1-2/2019


Before heading back to Colorado I was able to go fishing a couple more times with Dillan and my dad. On Monday Dillan and I went back to an old favorite stretch of water that neither of us had fished in a couple of years. I was pleased to see that things hadn’t changed too much. We have never done particularly well fishing this creek but the scenery of the valley always makes up for it.

We found a few fish while fishing streamers and enjoyed our time wet wading in the cool spring fed water. Towards the end of the day I was able to hook into a decent fish not long after we began our hike out.

Never mind the ripped jeans


Tuesday came around and my dad and I decided to get out in the afternoon. Dillan tagged along as well. While deciding on which car to ride in my dads fishing gear (rod, pack and waders) was left in the wrong vehicle and we didn’t realize it until we were parked and getting ready to fish. He was a champ and decided to still come along and watch/switch off rods with Dillan and I.

The creek had a sweet streamer stain to it so we threw some fixes on and went at it. The fish were fairly sluggish and the presentation had to be right in-front of their faces to get a fish to eat.

We had a great time down in the valley and were given a show of a beautiful sunset as we walked back to the car.

Photo Recap

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