Minnesota Connections | 3/22/2019

A few weeks ago friends from a family camp that I have been attending back in Minnesota for years sent me a message prior to coming out to Colorado and we made plans to go fishing. I left Denver around 8 in the morning and picked Eric up in Fort Collins where they were staying with a few relatives. From there we headed up into one of the canyons nearby. As we were parking and just getting out of my vehicle, Eric realized that he had kept the keys for their truck on him and his wife would be needing to use the truck during the day. We ended up making the drive back to town to drop them off and started travel back for round 2.

We started fishing at a nice looking pool not far off of the main road but didn’t have too much luck in there. From there we drove upstream a little ways and started fishing in a park. Eric hooked into the first fish of the day, a small brown trout. Not long after I got into a couple of fish nearby. It was apparent that small red midges were the name of the game for the day. We continued fishing upstream and I hooked into the biggest fish of the day, a very pretty rainbow.

Fun day of fishing and hanging out with a friend from Minnesota.

Photo Recap

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