Cancún | 3/16-21/2019

When my dad and I heard word that we were going to go on a big family trip to Cancún Mexico one of our first thoughts was planning out how we could tie some fishing into the trip. Neither of us had ever done any saltwater fishing before and we knew that we wouldn’t have a whole lot of time to fish so it was more of just bringing a couple rods and some flies on a whim to try it out kind of event.

The first morning after arriving a few of us went for a nice walk down the beach and during the walk my dad and I were scoping out spots to try to fish and hoping to spot a few fish as well. From a distance the resort lined beach appears to be fairly featureless but when up close we were surprised to find a number of flats, drop offs, and points. We also saw a lot more fish than we were expecting. The first few and the most frequent fish we saw were needle fish, a long, thin, silver fish that rides high in the water column. We also saw a number of what I would like to believe to be snook and on our walk back to our resort we saw a good sized barracuda sitting only a few feet off of shore. It was impressive to watch the fish sitting right in the break where the waves were crashing down and every now and then watching the needle fish and snook chase smaller fish around.

On the second morning my dad and I rigged up an 8wt and started trying to fish the surf. As far as we had heard, you can fish on the beach there in Cancún as long as you are 200′ away from any swimmers. While one of us fished the other would be trying to locate fish and making sure whoever was fishing wasn’t going to back cast into somebody walking the beach or getting too close to any swimmers. It was a little weird being the only people out there fishing and we had a lot of people stop and mention that they had never seen anyone fishing here before.

While fishing a fricks fix I had a few of the needle fish chase the fly and I had a smaller almost sunfish looking fish take the fly and run with it but I wasn’t able to land the fish. We walked to one of the areas that we had seen snook at the day before and sure enough after a few minutes of looking around we spotted a couple of them just off the shoreline. Before I could get a cast at them they began chasing a few smaller baitfish around and I tried to get my fly in front of them but I honestly had a lot of trouble in doing that with their speed and erratic movements. The fish chased the bait fish out of our area and we couldn’t locate them again unfortunately.

My dad didn’t have as much luck with finding fish while he was fishing and didn’t get any needle fish to chase while blind casting either. While trying to feed a knot through one of the guides the rod ended up snapping and we were out the 8wt for the rest of the trip. The next day we took the 11wt musky rod out to try but found it a little too heavy for the job and the weather had became very windy creating bigger waves. We called it pretty quick.

Even though we didn’t end up actually landing any fish while fly fishing during this trip we still had a great experience. I am glad that we brought the gear along and gave it a shot. We learned a little about fishing on spring break beaches and a lot about flying with fly rods and gear

Photo Recap

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