Winter Fishing in a Ski Town | 2/10-11/2019

Will hit me up a few days before he drove out to Colorado and we started making plans to do some fishing while he was here. I ended up heading out his direction and spending a couple days/nights hanging out with him and his family.

The first afternoon we fished the bite was pretty slow. We tried nymphing the deep holes and did not find any success. As the sun began sinking below the mountains we switched up to streamers and before too long we had a couple fish to hand.

It was an odd bite. We basically casted across the river and swung the fly downstream of us then let the fly just sit still in the current. For whatever reason letting the fly sit in the current triggered fish to hit and we caught 2 fish that way.

While snapping a couple of pictures and releasing the fish above we let the fly go back out into the current unattended. Will noticed the rod tip jerk back slightly and grabbed the rod and we had another fish on the line, a smaller brown trout.

The next day we got out to the river about mid-morning. We rigged up a couple nymph rigs and went to work hitting the deep holes and tailouts. We found more success nymphing that the day before and throughout the day caught a few fish.

After a few hours our feet started to get cold from standing in the river and we walked over to the nearest hot spring and took a break with our feet in the steaming warm water.

It was a nice break from the upper teens to low twenties air temp!

As the day turned to evening we switched up to streamers again and found the same tactic of letting the fly sit in the current to work.

The next morning we got up and spent some time traveling around town then I drove Will down to the Denver airport for him to fly back to Wisconsin.

I am very thankful for the awesome connections that fly fishing has blessed me with. Glad I could spend a few days hanging out in the mountains with Will. Thanks for the hospitality man!

Photo Recap

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