Dillan | 2/4-6/2019

Dillan, Dillan, Dillan…

During Christmas time while I was back in MN, Dillan and I began making plans for him to fly out to Colorado and spent some time with me at my new location. He ended up getting 5 days to spend in Colorado. We made the most of it!

Dillan flew into Denver on a Saturday morning. I unfortunately had to work that day so I had one of my roommates pick him up. They didn’t have any plans going into the day but they ended up renting mountain bikes and spending the day flying down the trails on 2 wheels. Sunday morning we got up and attended a great church service at Red Rocks Church. After church we got some food then met up with some buddies to play pick-up flag football for a few hours in the sunny, 65 degree weather. Monday morning I took Dillan around to a couple of the freestone rivers that I have had success on this winter. His first Colorado trout ended up being a hunky 18″ brown.

Tuesday we drove up to Winter Park and spent the day carving up the mountain.

Wednesday was Dillan’s fly out day. He didn’t have to fly out until 8pm so we had a lot of time. I took him to a favorite cutthroat spot of mine and got him on his first cutty (and a bunch of others + brookies).

Great time having Dillan in town, a true brother in Christ!!

Photo Recap

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