Death March | 1/28-29/2019

Somewhere in the mountains… They close off this river access road for elk to winter in the area. While walking in Monday morning I saw around 25 of them sky lined on the ridge above the road. The 2.5 mile walk down to the river from the parking area drastically limits the number of anglers willing to walk back into here. Add a -5°F morning temperature and the place was void of anyone else until one guy showed up on a bike later on in the afternoon. I fished for the day then made the trek out nearing dark. On the hike out I had a pair of red fox parallel me on the road for a while and let me get within 20′ of them. Such a cool animal. I camped in my car overnight then was back on the 2.5 mile walk in as the sun started to rise the next day. I’m bringing a bike next time.

Photo Recap

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