Headed To The Driftless | 12/26/2018

Dillan and I hit the road around 2 pm to shoot some drone footage and get in a little fishing.

Squatch sighting

We spend a little too much time driving around and having fun with the drone so we didn’t get down to the actual fishable trout stream until 4:15 pm. With the sun setting around 4:30 pm this time of year we didn’t have much of a shot at catching much but we gave it a go still. Shortly after starting to fish we moved a couple smaller trout with streamers but couldn’t get anything to commit. We continued downstream and once the sun set Dillan tied on a mouse while I stuck with a streamer.

The mousing legend

Winter mousing, why not? We didn’t end up having any action on the mouse or catching anything on this outing at all but we had a fun time and enjoyed the winter night woods, listening to owls hooting and coyotes yipping.

Photo Recap

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